What We Do

We offer supplemental benefits to working families. AIL representatives develop long-term relationships with clients and meet clients where they are most comfortable ... their home.

We Deliver Results

In 2014 alone: More than $132.2 million in life claims, $28.2 million in accident and health claims, & over $5.29 million in AD&D no-cost benefits.

YOU Have All The Freedom

At American Income Life Insurance Company, “Opportunity Unlimited” means YOU decide what you’re worth. As an independent contractor, YOU are in control. Your performance determines how much money you make and how far you take your career.

Freedom to Succeed

Want a six-figure income? It’s in your grasp. We give you the opportunity to make as much, or as little as you desire. As you gain experience and knowledge, your earnings increase.

Freedom to Perform

If you love working with people and helping them perform to their fullest potential, then AIL is the place to be. Don’t worry if you’ve never been given the chance to challenge yourself in this way, because you’ll learn how to recruit, train, develop, and manage others.

Freedom to Grow

How successful do you want to be and what will it take to get you there? Want to be an entrepreneur? Exhibit the ability to train and manage and we’ll teach you how to build an Agency, and be rewarded for managing a high performance business.



Incentives & Recognition

World-class rewards are an American Income Life staple to those who are goal-oriented! In addition to higher income opportunities with insurance producer careers and other occupations, outstanding achievement at AIL is rewarded with an annual sales convention to exotic locations, various awards, and peer recognition throughout the year.

  • One of the most lucrative compensation packages available in the market
  • Lifetime vested renewal system that begins from your very first sale
  • Honor hundreds of AIL's top producers at our annual convention
Getting started has never been easier!
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